Knife sharpening and repair

What is KnifeSOS?

SOS is an international distress call.
KnifeSOS is first aid for your knives.

Behind KnifeSOS is an experienced team of professional knife sharpeners from SharpEdge, a knife shop that specializes in selling Japanese kitchen knives.

While sharpening in our workshop and visiting smithies in Japan and Slovenia, we gained a profound insight into the culture of knife craftsmanship and acquired invaluable skills in knife sharpening and repair. We have no reservations in saying that we are the best choice for servicing your knives. Give us a try!

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How to order?


Select the number of knives you wish to sharpen, place an order on our website and, after receiving our instructions, pack your knives and hand them over to a GLS courier. The courier normally collects your parcel the day after placing your order.


We sharpen kitchen knives as well as most other types of knives. Before each sharpening session, our master sharpeners will determine what is the best treatment for each blade according to its individual material, design and geometry.

Watch your fingers!

When your knives arrive at our workshop, we inspect and sharpen them. Then we hand them over to a courier. In only few days after placing the order, your knives will be back in the comfort of your home – their sharpness equal or superior to when you first took them out of the box.
Watch your fingers!

Brušenje nožev
Knife sharpening and repair
Regular price 23,00 €

Your knives deserve some care and a new edge. Select the number of knives to be sharpened, prepare the parcel and hand it over to a courier. We’ll take care of everything else.

When placing an order online, you can send 3 to up to 15 knives for sharpening. Two-way shipping cost is €10 for EU27 countries (Slovenia excluded).

Every knife is worthy of repair, regardless of whether it is a super thin Japanese knife or an old rusty knife you inherited from your grandpa. Every blade craves some attention!

At KnifeSOS we sharpen and repair all steel knives, with few exceptions. A list of blades we do NOT sharpen.

Are you unsure whether your knife can be serviced? Do you wish to sharpen more than 15 knives? Please get in touch by e-mailing us at or call us on +386 31 633 125.

Upon placing an order, you’ll receive detailed packing instructions to prepare your knives for shipping. The package will be then picked up by a GLS courier in one business day.

Repairs are included in our regular servicing, so you can simply add damaged knives to your order. Pack the knives with damaged blades following our packing instructions. We don't charge for repairs upfront. We’ll contact you before we start any repairs to inform you about the extent of damage and amount of surcharge. Prior to delivering the knives back to you, you can pay the surcharge with the same method of payment you used for placing your order. Read more about repairs of damaged knives.

What We Sharpen

At KnifeSOS we sharpen most types of blades. But there are some blades that we don’t.
More on knife types

How to ship knives safely?

Upon placing an order, you’ll receive detailed packing instructions to prepare your knives for shipping. The package will be then picked up by a GLS courier in one business day.

Broken tips and chips

Repairs of Broken Tips and Chipped Blades

Broken tips, bent blades, chipped edges... all this can happen to unfortunate knives that then fortunately find their way to skilled hands of our master sharpeners. Even when handling knives carefully, accidents can occur, but there’s no need to worry: rarely is the damage so catastrophic that it can’t be repaired!

What to do with damaged blades?

How We Sharpen

All knives are hand-sharpened in our workshop by master sharpeners who treat each blade according to its material, design and geometry. They always consider steel type, sharpening angle, blade type, the condition of a knife and what it is used for.

Knife sharpening

Any questions? Fill in the form below and we’ll be happy to answer them. We are also available on +386 31 633 125.