Payment and delivery

Shipping costs

In Slovenia, shipping costs are included in the price of sharpening service. Pick-up and delivery to EU-27 costs an additional €10.

The provider undertakes to provide the ordered service in the shortest possible time. The turnaround time required from receiving the order placed on-line until delivering sharpened knives is usually 4 business days.

In Slovenia, we use GLS Parcel Service. After you submit your order on-line, we notify you about the time of courier’s arrival and send you instructions for protecting and packing your knives for shipping. When the knives are sharpened, GLS will notify you about the time of delivery one day prior. If at this time you are not at the provided address, you can arrange the pick-up at a more convenient time or change the location of delivery. Your parcel can also be delivered to GLS Parcel Lockers near your home or office.

EU27: We deliver to EU Member States (EU-27) (Austria, Lithuania, Belgium, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus, Malta, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Portugal, France, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Croatia, (Slovenia), Ireland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Latvia) with GLS Parcel service; time of delivery is 6-8 business days from placing an order to delivering sharpened knives.

Other countries: Currently, we don’t offer sharpening services outside of EU-27. If you’re interested in our services, please get in touch with us at

GLS Partner Parcel Shop Petrol will additionally charge the service for handing over a parcel in the amount of €0.45 and the service of processing the payment in the amount of €1.05 per parcel.

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