FAQs − Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our sharpening service, delivery methods or order cancellation? The information you are looking for may already be listed in the answers below. If your questions are still unclear, write to us at info@knifeSOS.com or call us at +386 31 633 125.

How to order

The process is simple. Your knives will be sharp in 5 easy steps:

1. Place an order online: select the number of knives you need sharpened and provide the address for pick-up (at your home, at work, at your grandma’s).
2. Pack your knives. See our packing instructions.
3. The next business day GLS Parcel Service notifies you about the pick-up of your parcel, usually this happens on the same day.
4. Your knives arrive to our sharpening workshop. We need 1 business day to sharpen them.
5. We hand over your sharp knives to a GLS courier and send you the tracking number via email. The following day, your knives will be back in the comfort of your home – their sharpness equal or superior to when they were brand new. Watch your fingers!

The turnaround time is usually 6-8 business days from receiving the order placed online until delivering sharpened knives. Orders placed from Mondays to Fridays until 4 p.m. are processed the same day and GLS Parcel Service picks up your knives the next business day.

We sharpen kitchen knives as well as most other types of knives.

What we sharpen

  • All types of kitchen knives (regardless of their origin, manufacturer or type of steel)
  • single bevel knives, i.e., usually traditional Japanese knives
  • vegetable and meat cleavers
  • fillet and boning knives
  • steak and dinner knives
  • prosciutto or ham knives
  • bread knives and blades with a serrated edge or double-serrated edge
  • pocket and folding knives
  • hunting and fishing knives
  • multi-tool knives.

We do NOT sharpen

  • Blades longer than 30 cm
  • shaving blades and scalpels
  • ceramic knives
  • swords, daggers and switch blades
  • tweezers
  • gardening tools, chisels, saws, axes and similar tools

Are you unsure whether your knife can be serviced? Get in touch with us at info@knifeSOS.com or call us on +386 31 633 125.


Sharpening costs from €4.87 to €7.67 per knife, depending on the number of knives you wish to sharpen. Two-way shipping costs €10. See our price list for sharpening services.

Sharpening service

Inexpensive knives can also be made of good quality steel and, in the hands of a professional sharpener, their blades can become reasonably sharp. Naturally, you can’t expect the same results as with knives made from higher quality materials, but it’s still advisable to take good care of your knives and keep them sharp. Blunt knives are more dangerous to use because you have to use more pressure to cut into food, which increases the likelihood of slipping. And, above all, if you leave them laying dull and forgotten in a drawer, you rob them of their essential purpose.

A simple rule applies: a knife should be sharpened when you feel it’s no longer sharp enough. This could be in either a month or a year of use – it all depends on how often and how you use them. The frequency of sharpening also depends on knife type, blade material and its treatment.

If you wish to delve deeper into sharpening, you can do so here.

Of course! The repair of broken tips and chipped blades is included in our regular servicing of knives. If a larger repair is needed and we’ll have to change the length of your knife, we’ll contact you prior to any repairs taking place.

When repairing broken tips, we recreate the shape of your knife, and when repairing chips, we restore the geometry of the blade. The price of repairing tips or chips depends on the depth (and not size) of the damage. Minor repairs are free of charge, repair of chips 2mm deep cost €3, repair of chips 2.5mm deep or more cost €6.

In the event of a larger or more extreme damage, we’ll treat the blade on a case-by-case basis and repair it by obtaining your approval beforehand. Upon receiving the damaged knife, we’ll assess the price of repair and consult you regarding its servicing.

Pack the knives with damaged blades following our packing instructions. We don't charge for repairs upfront. We’ll contact you before we start any repairs to inform you about the extent of damage and amount of surcharge. Prior to delivering the knives back to you, you can pay the surcharge with the same method of payment you used for placing your order.

If you wish to find out more about repairing bent, broken or chipped blades, you can do so here.

Minor repairs are included in the sharpening service, most repairs cost €3, and more time-consuming repairs are charged €5 per blade. We’ll contact you before we start any repairs to inform you about the extent of damage and price.

If you wish to find out more about repairing bent, broken or chipped blades, you can do so here.

Every knife is unique and has its own geometry, sharpening angle, purpose of use and is made of a certain material. Therefore, every knife receives individual treatment. Before each sharpening session, our master sharpeners will determine what is the best treatment for each blade according to its individual material, design and geometry. We pay special attention to preserving the angles and the final polishing of the blade. You can put your worries aside: are approach is entirely bespoke – we carefully examine each knife and tailor the sharpening process to its characteristics.
Yes, the repair of bent blades is also included in our regular servicing of knives. If the tip is extremely bent, we’ll contact you prior to any repairs taking place. We’ll inform you about the extent of damage because, in some cases, we’ll have to remove a small amount of material from the tip and shorten the length of the blade. When repairing bent blades, the final result depends on the material a knife is made of. In some cases, the original shape and geometry cannot be restored, but the knife will be fully usable again. Before we undertake any larger repairs, we’ll contact you for approval because extremely bent blades can sometimes break.

Certainly! We preserve the original angle of every blade. If you wish to change the angle, add a comment to your order describing your request.

The sharpening of single bevel knives is included in the price of our regular servicing. If you own a single bevel knife that needs a more comprehensive servicing, get in touch with us at info@knifeSOS.com before placing an order.

This can (and did) happen. We can only change knives with Japanese handles and you can choose among a variety of materials and shapes. We do not change or fix Western style handles. Currently, we replace Japanese handles only by prior agreement, so email us at info@knifeSOS.com.

Our clients are usually very happy with the quality of our sharpening and repair service. If for some reason you’re not happy with the service, please get in touch as soon as possible by emailing us at info@knifeSOS.com, so we can agree on re-servicing your knives (complaints are processed on a case-by-case basis and re-sharpening is free of charge).

Orders and payments

You can choose among the following payment methods:

● credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express);
● PayPal;
● Apple Pay;
● Google Pay;
● COD – cash on delivery (debit and credit cards, cash);
● bank transfer (the process takes 1-3 business days longer);
● cash (applies only to personal delivery and/or pick-up).

If you wish to cancel your order, contact us as soon as possible by email at info@knifeSOS.com or call us on +386 31 633 125. Orders are processed every business day by 4 p.m. If the order has not yet been forwarded to GLS Parcel Service (usually in 1 business day), we’ll reimburse you the entire amount. For all orders that have already been forwarded, please read more about returns and refunds.

Pick-up and delivery

We use GLS Parcel Service.

GLS will notify about the time of pick-up one day prior. If at this time you are not at the provided address, you can arrange the pick-up at a more convenient time or change the location of delivery. The turnaround time from placing an order until delivering sharpened knives is around 6-8 business days, depending on your location.

Yes. If you follow our packing instructions, your knives will arrive safely and securely to our workshop. All parcels have a tracking number which allows you to track them and see where your knives are at any given time.

Each package is insured up to 200 EUR, so that in case of loss or damage of the package, the lost value can be reimbursed.

Your knives are insured up to a value of 200 EUR in case of loss or damage during shipping. We chose GLS shipping company based on our experience and their references on speed and reliability.

Packages get lost very rarely these days. However, we recommend that you take a photo of your knives before shipping them. In this way, it will be much easier to submit the insurance claim in case of an unfortunate event.

If you are sending knives with a high value or a large number of knives, consider purchasing additional insurance for your package, as the value of the insurance premium is limited to 200 EUR.

At the moment we only offer our services and delivery within EU Member States (EU-27). For international delivery please get in touch with us at info@knifeSOS.com. For further information please read more on payment and delivery.

Our sharpening workshop is closed to the public. You can, however, bring your knives in person to SharpEdge, our Japanese knife shop located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We’ll sharpen the knives in 1-2 business days and you can collect them at the same location. Our showroom is located at Celovška cesta 280, Ljubljana. You can visit us any working day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You can pay for sharpening at SharpEdge when you pick up your knives if you deliver and collect your knives in person.

Packing and protecting knives for shipping

To wrap and prepare knives for shipping, we recommend using plain, inexpensive newspaper. You can also use any other kind of paper (plain A4 paper).

See our detailed packing instructions.

We recommend that you wrap the paper around the blade at least twice to protect it properly.

For a more detailed description see our packing instructions.

You can protect the tip by wrapping the blade in paper that is longer than the length of the blade. You fold the part of paper that extends over the tip of the blade back towards the handle and tape it with Scotch tape.

For more information see our packing instructions.

You can wrap the heel with paper that you used for protecting the blade. Tightly wrap the paper around the blade so that it covers its heel and tip. Secure this paper sheath to the knife with Scotch tape so that the blade can’t slide out.

For a detailed description see our packing instructions.

Plain cardboard that is used for most cardboard packaging is the most accessible. You can take apart and use any cardboard box.

For a detailed description see our packing instructions.

It’s very important that the knives do not move inside the parcel. Make sure that you wrap them tightly inside your packaging. It’s also important that the edges of your parcel are sealed to prevent the knives from sliding out.

For a detailed description see our packing instructions.


You can get in touch with us in several ways: via email, phone and social media. For more information, please visit Contact Us page.
Behind the KnifeSOS knife sharpening service is a team of professional knife sharpeners from SharpEdge, a knife shop that has been promoting the development of knife craftsmanship and sharpening culture in Slovenia and around the world for the past 10 years. SharpEdge is a shop specializing in selling Japanese kitchen knives, as well as sharpening and kitchen accessories. In the last 10 years, SharpEdge has sharpened and serviced several thousand Japanese and Western blades, as well as carried out more than 250 sharpening workshops at home and abroad. While sharpening in our workshop and visiting smithies in Japan and Slovenia, the team gained a profound insight into the culture of knife craftsmanship and acquired invaluable skills in knife sharpening and repair. We’re proud to say that, thanks to experience gained over a number of years, considerable knowledge and, above all, our love for the craft, we’re truly the best choice for servicing your knives.