Meet KnifeSOS

Behind the KnifeSOS knife sharpening service is a team of professional knife sharpeners from SharpEdge, a knife shop that has been promoting the development of knife craftsmanship and sharpening culture in Slovenia and around the world for the past 10 years. SharpEdge is a shop specializing in selling Japanese kitchen knives, as well as sharpening and kitchen accessories. In the last 10 years, SharpEdge has sharpened and serviced several thousand Japanese and Western blades, as well as carried out more than 250 sharpening workshops at home and abroad. While sharpening in our workshop and visiting smithies in Japan and Slovenia, the team gained a profound insight into the culture of knife craftsmanship and acquired invaluable skills in knife sharpening and repair. We’re proud to say that, thanks to experience gained over a number of years, considerable knowledge and, above all, our love for the craft, we’re truly the best choice for servicing your knives.

How Do We Sharpen?

All knives are hand-sharpened in our workshop by master sharpeners who treat each blade according to its material, design and geometry. We always consider steel type, sharpening angle, blade type, the condition of a knife and what it is used for.
We sharpen with various tools and machines, adjusting their use to individual blades and their purpose. We use: belt sanders, wheel sanders, whetstones for rough and fine sharpening by hand, as well as several smaller and specialized tools.


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