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Below you will find instructions for preparing a package designed to securely ship your knives.

What are the main rules? The knives should not move inside the parcel and their blades should be well protected. Pay special attention to protecting the tip and heel of the blade.

Packing accessories

You can pack your knives with accessories you can find in your home:

  • scissors or a knife for cutting packing material,
  • A3 or A4 paper (plain, advertising leaflets, newspaper),
  • 1-3 cm wide Scotch tape,
  • cardboard: its length depends on the length of the longest knife (x + 10 cm) and the number of knives. For 3 knives you need a 40 cm wide cardboard, for 15 knives you need a 100 cm wide cardboard. For 3 knives that measure 10-20 cm in length, you therefore need a 30 x 40 cm cardboard. We suggest using double-wall, corrugated cardboard.


8 short steps to ensure that your knives are properly secured on the way to our workshop.

  • Step 1
    Prepare your working surface, accessories for packing and the knives you need sharpened.
  • Step 2
    Take two layers of paper that are at least 3 cm longer than the length of a blade.
  • Step 3
    Fold both layers of paper, each fold as wide as the blade, and repeat this 3 times to get a paper sheath.
  • Step 4
    Insert knife’s blade in the paper sheath and secure it with Scotch tape so that the blade can’t slide out.
    Note: The paper wrapper must extend at least 3 cm over the knife’s tip. The heel of the blade should be inside the wrapper, whereas the handle should be outside.
  • Step 5
    Fold the extra length of the paper back and tape it with Scotch tape.
  • Step 6
    Repeat the above steps with the remaining knives. Every knife should have its own wrapper, adjusted to its shape and size.
  • Step 7
    When each blade is individually wrapped in paper, prepare the cardboard. Adjust the size of the cardboard to the length of the longest knife – there should be at least 5 extra cm extending over the tip of its blade and the butt of its handle.
    Start the wrapping process with the longest knife.
    Put the knife at the edge of the cardboard lengthwise and fold the cardboard along the length of the knife. It’s best to follow the structure of cardboard.
    Place only one knife in each fold.
    The last two folds should be empty.
    Tape the parcel with Scotch tape lengthwise.
  • Step 8
    Firmly squeeze the cardboard on both edges of the parcel and tape them with Scotch tape, so that knives cannot slide out.
    The knives should not move inside the parcel!


You’ll receive an email informing you about the arrival of a GLS courier to the address you provided when placing your order. The courier will bring a shipping label with our address, so you can simply hand him over your safely packed knives. You’ll also receive a tracking number by email, so you can monitor the journey of your knives. Once your knives are sharpened, you’ll be emailed a new tracking number so you can follow your knives en route back home.

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