What We Sharpen?

At KnifeSOS we sharpen most blades, but there are some exceptions.

What we sharpen

  • All types of kitchen knives (regardless of their origin, manufacturer or type of steel),
  • single bevel knives, i.e., usually traditional Japanese knives,
  • vegetable and meat cleavers,
  • fillet and boning knives,
  • steak and dinner knives,
  • prosciutto or ham knives,
  • pocket and folding knives,
  • hunting and fishing knives,
  • multi-tool knives.

We do NOT sharpen

  • Blades longer than 30cm,
  • shaving blades and scalpels,
  • ceramic knives,
  • bread knives and blades with a serrated edge or double-serrated edge,
  • swords, daggers and switch blades,
  • tweezers,
  • gardening tools, chisels, saws, axes and similar tools,
  • scissors.

Knife repairs

Additional repairs, for example of damaged (broken tips, chipped blades) or bent blades, are included in our regular sharpening service. To simplify the servicing process, you don’t have to select the type or extent of repair when placing an order. Simply add the damaged knives to your order and include them in the parcel. When they arrive to our workshop, we’ll get in touch with you and inform you about any additional costs and the extent of repairs. Any major interventions will only be done after agreeing with you on them beforehand.


See our price list for knife sharpening and repair.

Additional services

All additional services and repairs that are not part of our regular servicing must be agreed with our master sharpener. For larger repairs we need more time, so the order will be dealt with individually and outside of regular delivery times. For more information get in touch with us at info@knifeSOS.com or call us at +386 31 633 125.

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